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This Topic Covers The Common And Distressing Problems With Skin, From Acne To Eczema.
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ACNE - a patient's guide

Acne is a distressing skin problem. This article covers the various forms of acne and the treatment options available.

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DANDRUFF- a patient's guide.

Dandruff can be itchy and embarrassing.Simple management using over the counter shampoos usually works well.Persistent and severe cases should be examined by a doctor to rule out other similar and related condi…

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TATTOO REMOVAL - a patient's guide

This article looks at laser treatment to remove tattoos without scarring. It discusses the effectiveness of removing certain dyes and how many treatments may be necessary.

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WARTS - a patient's guide

Warts are a common problem. They can be removed although most will spontaneously disappear over time. This article details some of the removal methods.

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