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CECLOR - a patient's guide


Ceclor is a medicine used to treat many common infections. This article profiles its uses and side effects.

Drug name: cefaclor

Use: antibiotic - broad spectrum cephalosporin

This medicine belongs to an antibiotic group known as cephalosporins. It works by destroying the bacterium cell walls thus stopping its growth allowing your immune system to defeat the infection.

It has a broad range of activity against many bacteria often involving the chest, urinary-tract, skin, ears and throat. It can also be safely prescribed in pregnancy.


  • Allergy to cephalosporins and penicillins
  • Bowel inflammatory conditions
  • Kidney impairment

Side effects:

Occasional: stomach upset, vaginal thrush susceptibility.

Rarely: skin rash (discontinue treatment), violent diarrhoea (seek urgent medical treatment).


Little known.

Patient information:

  • Follow the instructions on the label of the medicine or as directed by your doctor
  • Always complete the course of antibiotics unless directed by your doctor or skin rash develops
  • Food: taken with food if medicine upsets your stomach
  • Alcohol: few problems in moderation
  • Contact your doctor or seek urgent medical treatment if severe diarrhoea occurs or side effects are ongoing.

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